"Sales of the socks at our current eight stores have been exceptionally good. "
  - G.W (P. Pharmacy group in WA)
"We're delighted with the socks sales. They are traveling very well - customer feedback is fabulous. "
  - R.M (Director in T. Chemist in NSW)
"The socks are selling extremely well because of the price and the quality. The stand takes up so little space for the huge turnover. "
  - M.D. (T. Pharmacy Retail Manager in QLD)
"To SoxnLox, Many thanks for the comfortable socks you have manufactured, they actually do appear wearable for people with mild varicose veins. "
  - K.M. (Individual consumer)
"Far and away, my favorite pair of socks are the one pair of Sox & Lox I own. Unfortunately, seeing as how I live in the US in Indiana, it's about impossible for me to get a pair. How would one go about getting some? "
  - M. M. (Individual consumer from Indiana University, US)